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“Boobie” with a first place finish in the Qualifing

Young Dog Trial Training

With an emphasis on preparing our clients dogs for advanced work, we primarily focus on building Young Dogs for retriever field trials. In this program we accept your dog at five months old, and keep them until they are at a qualifying level. At this point we encourage our clients to send their dog to an all-age professional. While enrolled in this program, if the dog is capable and the client so chooses, we will campaign your dog in the derby and qualifying stakes. 

Gun Dog Training

Promise on a late season hunt

Gun Dog Training

Born on the banks of Core Sound we are committed to providing the best Gundog training in the industry.

With a unique perspective, from hunting in some of the toughest conditions around, and a knowledge, from building national caliber young dogs, the Core Sound Gundog program was born. Hunt after hunt, season after season, if you want the best then you are in the right place. 

what to expect

“Lady” still hunting hard

What To Expect

Every dog is different but we estimate times to the best of our ability! Some dogs go through things quicker and some go through things slower

Basic gundog

4-6 months

  • Leash Obedience 
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Force Fetch
  • Force to a pile
  • Retrieving birds land and water
  • Simple multiple marks
  • steady

Finished Gundog

6-8 months

  • Basic Gundog
  • Fully handling, stopping on a whistle and taking hand singles
  • Proficient in multiple marks
  • Completely steady including honoring other dogs
  • Receives shot flyers (Live ducks killed infront of him with live 12 ga ammo) weekly

Core Sound Gundog

One month per situation 

  • Finished gundog
  • Our industry leading one of a kind situational experience training
situational experience training

Situational Experance Training

Situational experience training 

This is for our clients that want a turnkey pick them up and hunt product. We are the only trainers to offer this in depth of a program.

In this program we take your dog in as true to life situations as humanly possible. We expose them to what they are actually going to see in a hunting situation. at the completion of the finished bog program you will choose any or all of the situations you need him to be proficient in. 

  • Open Water
  • Impoundment
  • Swamp

Open Water Retriever

  • Boat Rides
  • Exposure to stake blinds
  • Exposure to shore blinds
  • Will watch decoys being thrown out
  • Will learn to wait patiently 
  • How to navigate big spreads
  • ”Hunters” will fire live ammo at live ducks from the same blind

Impoundment Retriever

  • ATV rides
  • Long walks
  • Hunting in heavy brush blinds 
  • Watch decoys be thrown
  • learn to navigate standing corn
  • Hunters will fire live ammo at live ducks

Swamp Retriever

  • ATV rides
  • Waiting at edge of swamp while hunters walk in to minimize time in water
  • Watch decoys be thrown
  • Hunting off tree climbers and stands
  • Navigating thick weeds and downed trees
  • Hunters using live ammo killing live ducks in close proximity. 
  • Remote casting to a place stand

At the end of this program you will come out to have your first hunt with your dog. We will show you how to work your dog in a hunting environment, while having a good time on a duck hunt. You will also receive the gear we feel you need! This is truly a turnkey package where you can pick up your dog on the way to duck camp and impress all your buddies when the morning comes!

  • DEG dog vest
  • Gunners Up whistle
  • Lanyard
  • Stainless dog bowls
  •  A World Class Hunting Dog

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